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News Update: January 1st, 2009

Happy 2009!

Its amazing how time flies when you're hard at work.

Happy New Year!
Lead Pursuit

News Update: January 27th, 2008

Patch 1.0.13 is now available for download!

Lead Pursuit is pleased to announce the release of patch 1.0.13 to all Falcon 4.0: Allied Force enthusiasts. This maintenance release resolves a graphics problem encountered by some customers when using the product with Windows Vista but all customers should update to take advantage of the changes which include:


  • Fixed a display problem encountered by some customers when using Windows Vista.


  • Matchplay mode hanging at the Round Over message resolved.


  • Fixed a CTD that sometimes occured when using the Request Help radio call.
  • A number of memory leak fixes and stability improvements.


  • M1A1 armour level corrected.
  • BLK40 F16 given more chaff and flare.
  • Some rear aspect missiles arming delay fine-tuned.
  • Updated AGM119 Penguin missile motor.
  • Corrected minimum engagement altitude and range of SA16 missile.
  • Corrected minimum engagement altitude of Patriot missile.
  • Improved response times of the F100-PW220 engine fitted to some variants of F16.

Patch 1.0.13 can be downloaded from our downloads area, or use the Update Check utility from your installation.

News Update: January 26th, 2008


Fans of Falcon 4.0:Allied Force continue to amaze and impress us. We received recently from 'Escuadron69' a great translation of the entire manual into Spanish. In addition, Nebojsa Erdesi sent us an updated version of the German translation. This new update includes some comprehensive edits so German readers will definitely want to get hold of this one.

Sincere thanks from all at Lead Pursuit for those incredible efforts. These translations can now be obtained from our Downloads page.

Patch 1.0.13 is progressing well with our test team reporting great results with the release candidate. Look out for further news about patch 1.0.13 in the very near future.

News Update: December 28th, 2007

The year is almost complete and the holiday season gives all of us here at Lead Pursuit the ideal opportunity to thank our customers for your dedicated support and ongoing enthusiasm for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force.

This seems a great time to tell you about a small maintenance release we will put out in early 2008 via the web site and the auto-updater system.

Primarily the patch will address graphics display issues experienced by customers using certain graphics cards and drivers with Microsoft Windows Vista. It also provides us the chance to include changes that will yet further enhance the stability of the product, and that will be of interest to everyone, whether flying the product in single or multi-player environments.

Stay tuned for more news and meanwhile, enjoy your flying!

Happy New Year!
Lead Pursuit

News Update: June 14th, 2007

We are pleased to announce release of our 11th patch for Falcon 4.0 Allied Force. Enjoy!

Please be sure to reboot after the installation of the patch.

You can the download patch from our downloads area, or use the Update Check utility from your installation.

The changes in 1.0.12 are:

Avionics / Weapons:

  • Fixed GM radar mode to show moving as well as static targets. GMT mode still only shows moving targets.
    • GM radar mode now shows all objects but only vehicles/objects stationary are lockable. If a vehicle moves faster than km/hr , it will break lock.
    • GMT radar mode shows vehicles moving faster than few KM/hr speed threshold. They can be locked as long as they remain moving.
    • Improved Sea mode target detection ( 0+ speed threshold ).
  • Fixed Air-to-Ground radar freeze mode so that the cursor can be moved to lock contacts after freezing.


  • AGM-88 HARM set so that only one vehicle gets destroyed.
  • Frigates (Jangwei, Ulsan) will now show up on RWR with ship option enabled. Both now have some AAA/AD weapons.
  • Adjust RWR priority sensitivity on some aircraft (e.g. MiG-29 and Su-27-37 family)


  • AWACS menu fix: should fix cases where an AWACS is in the air, but from another friendly team and thus can not be accessed. They should be visible now.
  • Limit EF-18G missions to only ECM and SEAD roles.


  • Implemented auto-updater check at start-up. Options in Setup are: Always, Weekly, Monthly and Never.
  • Several CTD fixes.

News Update: April 1st, 2007

After a short delay we are pleased to announce release of our 10th patch for Falcon 4.0 Allied Force. Patch 1.0.11 is building on our previous fixes and additions to this great simulation, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy flying it as much as we have enjoyed making it...

You can the download patch from our downloads area, or use Update Check utility from your installation.

The changes in 1.0.11 are:

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Fixed package waypoint timing.
  • Set the same repeat waypoint for HAVCAP flights like AWACS and JSTAR.
Avionics / Weapons
  • Fixed GM radar mode to now also show moving as well as static targets. GMT mode still only shows moving targets.
  • Fixed speed display in glance-forward 3D view.
  • Enhanced night-lighting of airbases and some other objects.
  • Fixed CTD when using Vector-to-Tanker radio call.
  • Several more CTD fixes.

News Update: February 25th, 2007

We are happy to announce the release of patch V1.10.
While previous patches were especially focused on enhancing the multiplayer aspect of the simulation, this patch contains corrections for many issues that have an impact especially on the single player experience. Changes include even further improved Artificial Intelligence that make the enemy more dangerous, data changes to the Campaign and quite a few Cockpit fixes. Furthermore, the fix for the "hang issue" with the nVidia 8800 GTX graphics card is included in this patch. Also, night time landings at airbases should be more rewarding now that the night lighting has been fixed.
This patch is tagged 1.0.10 and can be obtained either by using the Update Check function in Start / Programs / Battlefield Operations folder or by downloading the patch from our downloads area. There are still a few niggles left, and as time permits, you may see them fixed in another patch V1.11 at some time.

The full changelog for 1.0.10 is listed below:



  • The "Vector to Tanker" call now calls the closest tanker when the assigned one is too far away at the time of request.
  • Fix SAM units being sometimes fixated on far away flights.
  • "Vector to Package" now tells the vector to the next flight in the package (e.g. Escort) when player is lead in the first package flight.
  • Increased lethality of enemy AI.
  • Better energy management when entering merge of engagement.
  • Fix MADDOG missiles not being recognized by the locked AI plane.
  • Fix for A2G missiles with large blast radius exploding way up in the air.
  • Fix for prioritizing best weapon regarding the R60 and R13m (e.g. MiG-21Mbis).
  • Adjustment on letality of SA7, SA14, SA16, HN-5.
  • Fix so R27RE and -TE aren't fired at extreme range, losing lock.
  • Fixed an issue with Matra-530D missiles not showing on a Mirage 2000.
  • Fixed an issue where MiG-21-93 had ghost R-13 missile in loadout screen.
  • Fixed an issue with A-10 center hardpoint not showing both bombs loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with sandbag revetment causing damage to aircraft. Also fixed an issue to make the three-sandbag revetments usable next to depot at some airbases.
  • Fix the wingman facing your way at Seosan airbase, taking off in TAXI mode.
  • Added EF-18G Growler to Tactical Engagement and Campaign for manual tasking.
  • For Korea: Iron Fortress, make Russia and China entering the war more probable.
  • Slight increase of aircraft per squadron count when each side enters the war, especially Russia and China in 2005+ campaigns.
  • Increase of manpads available in the SAM AD units.
  • Fixed too large AOA bracket on Head Up Display.
  • Fixed jumping CCRP release cue in GMT radar mode.
    • Remark: the cue can still "jump" by a specific amount, as the cue shows a lead on moving vehicles - when they change heading, the cue "jumps".
  • Fixed position of RWR symbols in 3D cockpit.
  • Fix RWR contacs being displayed white in 3D cockpit when HSD is the SOI.
  • Correct HUD/MFD text alignment and position in 3d cockpit.
  • Adjusted Simple avionics HUD/MFD text position as well.
  • Fixed DED position in 3D cockpit.
  • Fix for the famous MARK point bug.
  • Display HUD numbers < 10 with a leading 0.
  • Enhanced night-lighting of airbases and a few other objects.
    • Fixed issue with runway and taxi-signs so they show at night.
    • Added point lighting to water tower and some bridges.
    • Raised visibility range for VASI lights at night.
    • Fixed some texture issues on hangars at night.
    • New nosewheel spotlight for F-16.
  • Fixed an issue with some small bridges disappearing after being destroyed.
  • Fixed some issues with runways and taxiways so they match better at all distances.
  • While waiting for others to join in Dogfight, a flashing "PLEASE WAIT" message will appear on screen.
    • When being the only one left in 3D world, a message saying so appears instead.
  • Send weather information now to other clients in dogfight games.
  • Correct country flags in all modes and theaters.
    • Remark: for old campaign save files, NATO and SLOVENIAN flags may still show mixed up in the OOB window. This should not happen anymore for new campaign save files.
  • Workaround for Geforce 8800GTX hang in pie screen.
  • Fix the need to hold down Shift+N (SimCursorEnable) to switch the AIM-120 avionics to BORE mode.
    • Using the keyboard, it is now a toggle function, with a mapping to the joystick, the joystick button still has to be held.

News Update: November 19th, 2006

We've just released a small update to 1.0.8 to correct a few little niggles. Changes include improved HUD symbology, Artificial Intelligence, Multiplayer and Stability. The patch is tagged 1.0.9 and can be obtained either by using the Update Check function in Start / Programs / Battlefield Operations folder or by downloading the patch from our downloads area. Please note that the team is aware of the issue with the new nVidia 8800 series cards and we're still looking into this.

The full changelog for 1.0.9 is listed below:



  • Gave player a little more time to clear the runway after landing.
  • Fix AI pulling up aggressively at takeoff and not flying the flyout modes anymore.
  • Section takeoffs reenabled.
  • ATC will no longer at the last second give a hold short order (because of aircraft landings) while the player is rolling onto the runway following a previous take runway instruction.
  • Fix an issue with Ramp Start / Idle detent not working correctly in specific cases.
  • Correct team names for news messages in Balkans theaters.
  • Fix the RWR large font bug.
  • Display correct AOA bracket
  • Correct HUD scaling in narrow resolutions (1280x1024)
  • Fix the "R" for Alt Radar position on HUD.
  • Fix for "Ace Factor" not being updated in dogfights human vs. human.
  • No client can change the server's Dogfight settings anymore. Furthermore, only the own and AI aircraft types can be changed now.
  • Fix AI bombing runways not causing hits when the host is in the UI.
  • Set maximum dogfight range to 75 nm.
  • No more sound playing while importing ACMI files.
  • Fix loadout view of missing fuel tank for aircraft without A2G munition (e.g. F-14A/B).
  • Fix CTD when joining a TE with longer callsigns.

News Update: November 7th, 2006

Lead Pursuit is delighted that Falcon 4.0:Allied Force patch 1.08 is receiving widespread acclaim throughout the global Falcon community, and we thank you all sincerely for providing great feedback since the release of Allied Force.

In this news item, we wanted to highlight the ease of which you can get online and start flying with other pilots.

As mentioned in the version 1.08 patch changelog, Falcon now features tight Hyperlobby integration. Hyperlobby, created by Jiri Fojtasek, is an easy to use client allowing pilots to create or join servers from all around the world. It also provides a chat interface, the ability for your server to be setup as public or private, and the instance of the game you create can be configured straight from within the Hyperlobby interface.

Of course, once Hyperlobby starts your game server, it is very easy for other Hyperlobby users to see your game, and with a couple of mouse clicks, connect to it and start flying! It is a wonderful tool which takes Falcon to new levels of multiplayer accessibility.

The Hyperlobby client can be downloaded from hyperfighter.sk (note that you will require version 3.9.110 or later to see Falcon 4.0:Allied Force listed in the HL game browser - at the time of writing, see http://hyperfighter.sk/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2128 for details). Full information of how to use it with Falcon can be found in the Addendum Manual that is installed by patch 1.08 into the docs subfolder of the main Battlefield Operations folder.

Also worthy of mention is that the requirement to allow traffic through two specific network ports remains - please remember to allow UDP ports 2934 and 2935 through your firewall, and to configure any router hardware appropriately.

News Update: November 5th, 2006

Our latest update to Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is now released. v1.0.8 adds significant improvements to many areas of the simulation, particularly campaign and multiplayer. Upgrade either using the bfopsupdate.exe in the Battlefield Operations folder or download the .exe patch update from the downloads section of our website.

Many months of work have gone into this release and the developers once again extend their thanks to the beta testers for their considerable efforts. The changelog is detailed below, please also refer to the addendum manual text in your local docs\ directory after installation.


Artificial Intelligence

  • Improved ground avoidance for low altitude flying of AI.
  • Fixed AI continuing landing pattern when human lead switches from landing waypoint back to route waypoints.
  • AWACS comms now continue if a package-assigned FAC is shot down.
  • AI will use rockets more effectively on ground targets.
  • Made AI more responsive on Weapons Free command for A-G missions - read the Addendum manual for further information about AI handling.
  • Fixed issue where AI jets spawning on the runway would sometimes taxi onto the grass causing the departure queue to stall forever.
  • Resolved problem where sometimes AI would sometimes chase after enemy A/C with guns instead of engaging with air to air missiles after a Weapons Free command was given.
  • ATC gives more time for the player to leave the runway after landing.
  • Fixed AI taxiing onto the runway without permission because they're going too fast.
  • Refueling changes (also read the Addendum manual):
    • Inability of the tanker to refill external tanks fixed.
    • Large warps occasionally seen in multiplayer refueling fixed.
    • In realistic refueling model, the AI boom driver now applies forces to help position the thirsty aircraft.
    • In realistic mode, connecting to the boom now cushions the speed of the refueling aircraft.
    • In realistic mode, the player must now use the "Done" tanker radio command, the AI no longer does this on behalf of the player.
    • In simplified refueling mode where the AI is providing throttle assistance, a heavily loaded player jet would struggle to catch the tanker. This has been addressed.
    • Aircraft in the refueling queue will be ignored by the tanker if they fly away, land or are dead.
    • Subtle vertical stabilisation added as the refueling aircraft closes in on the tanker.
Avionics / Weapons
  • Smoke marker rockets for FAC flights won't smoke when exploding in the air anymore.
  • Fix a bug that caused the RWR to continue chirping when a beamriding missile was switching sensors or lost lock.
  • Revised ripple bombing: the impact point shown on the HUD now designates the center of the bomb string.
  • CCIP pipper in 2D cockpit fixed.
  • Display own bullseye location in the HUD when Bullseye information is turned on (ICP Misc/Bullseye page).
  • Fixed the 5900lbs limit sometimes imposed on refueling.
  • Fixes for Helmet Mounted Sighting (HMS) system - read the Addendum Manual for more information.
  • SAM units work more effectively now. Target selection (previous fixation on the lead aircraft) is improved.
  • Alignment of radar displays in A-A and A-G modes fixed.
  • During ramp start do not delay engine start with the need to move throttle.
  • Improved 2000lb effectiveness compared to 500lb (2000lb slight increase in footprint/damage). Also, two 2000lb GP or PEN bombs will now destroy runway sections.
  • Improved default loadouts against underground factories. More need for PEN type weapons.
  • Adjust drag index on center rail with ECM pod or camera.
  • Slight update on F-16 flight model (small leading-edge flag issue and F-16 block 40/42 weight adjusted).
  • Added CBU-58/52 to center bay of B-52 (27 count).
  • Fixed issue where F-117 would be tasked with no weapons on SEAD strikes.
  • Fixed issue with some aircraft not being able to be destroyed (e.g. Mi-28, C-17, C-5, E-8).
  • Fixed an issue where landing on an apron would destroy the aircraft (e.g. north-south airstrip).
  • Fixed a issue where some aircraft would load a rocket launcher with no pylon.
  • Raised canopy opening angle to 37 degrees for F-16s.
  • Flights won't takeoff from destroyed aircraft carrier anymore. Squadrons with flights that were airborne are being relocated to a land-based airbase and continue to operate from there.
  • Battalions planned to be stationary should do so more reliably.
  • Stocks of fuel tanks added to some F-14 squadrons in Balkans.
  • Fixed mission tasking on strike packages so escorts can be added by the ATO.
  • On the campaign map, air-to-ground strike missions will now abort less frequently when under attack.
  • Improved assigning of engineers to objectives.
  • Engineer units now work more effectively, while adding some dynamics to repair times.
  • Improved squadron relocation among allied teams.
  • Fixed squadron relocation under some conditions.
  • Fixed Balkans Powderkeg reporting stalemate without ending the campaign.
  • Some other campaign triggers and report strings updated.
  • JSTARS added to all Korean campaigns.
  • Fixed some objective settings for Balkans campaigns.
  • Fixed a couple of units in Korea Rolling Fire that were wrong type for team.
  • Balkans PAKs adjusted.
  • Names for batallions, brigades and naval units updated.
  • 2005/2010 campaigns now have different reinforcement schedules to standard-timeframe campaigns.
  • Adjusted some balancing for 2005/2010 campaigns.
  • Addressed rare instances of the player aircraft colliding with another aircraft when the player moves from 2D to 3D when joining the flight already in the air.
  • Fixed wrong TACAN channels on cockpit maps.
  • Glance forward in 3D cockpit will now cover the whole RWR.
  • Adjust 2D cockpit light level for NVG mode.
  • Outside labels are no longer showing in front of the 3D cockpit.
  • Floating buildings fixed.
  • Give CBU-103/105 proper model/textures.
  • Fixed self-illuminating light sources (like airbases) being darkened by cloud shadows.
  • Outside labels are now translucent and fade with distance.
  • Support for Hyperlobby added. The bandwidth is now set in the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT screen for Hyperlobby users.
  • Commanding AI planes to turn on/off radar won't be automatically performed for human wingmen anymore.
  • Fixed the black object textures for hosts re-entering the 3D world.
  • Fix floating aircraft on the ground when several clients are connected.
  • A few more fixes to the debrief.txt: show the correct aircraft type and list flight members in correct pilot slot order.
  • All players can now hear ATC's Resume Own Navigation radio calls during climb-out.
  • Fix wrong ATC voices being assigned to airbases.
  • Sound loops fixed.
User Interface
  • Allow assigning victory conditions on naval units by right clicking on a unit on the TE map editor.
  • ACMI data processing progress now displayed on mission exit screen.
  • Fix for dropped airmobile units not being controllable.
  • Sometimes music would play at full volume returning to the UI after a multiplayer game, even when music volume was set to zero. This should now be fixed.
  • Improved listing of rocket kills for mission debrief.
  • Several more CTD fixes.
  • New command line option "-print2file" will print briefing to Briefing.txt file instead of sending it to default printer.
  • TrackIR can be initialized within 3d simulation in case you forget to start it before starting Falcon. Just ALT-TAB to Desktop, load TrackIR software, get back to Falcon and press ALT-C + T.
  • Correctly load pilot/patch pictures in Targa (.TGA) format.

News Update: August 9th, 2006

Work on Allied Force continues with our latest patch which we're currently testing out. This build will introduce support for Hyperlobby and improvements to many other areas of the simulation. We've further enhanced refuelling and fixed the CCIP pipper in the 2D cockpit, where for ripple bombing the pipper now designates the center of the bomb string. There's also a reworking of the SAM targeting code. You should see fewer instances of AI aircraft hitting the deck and the occasional building will no longer defy the laws of gravity. Campaign has been boosted, including a fix to stop aircraft from taking off from destroyed carriers. All this -- and much more -- remains "work in progress" but you get an idea of where the changes are happening.

If you're wondering how immersive campaigns can get in Allied Force, look no further than two splendid reports form "Ricardo" over at SimHQ's AF forum. His write up of detailed missions in Korea is superbly constructed.
You can find them here and here.

The 72nd Virtual Fighter Wing has published a brilliant second version of its checklists for the F-16 C, D and MLU variants, updated for 1.0.7. It's a highly produced document and a significant aid for the serious enthusiast. It is available from the downloads section of our site.
Our thanks to James Kelley and his team.

News Update: June 20th, 2006

SimHQ has set up a new test server for Allied Force pilots wanting to make the most of multiplayer. After the success of Patch 1.0.7 with its major MP improvements, there is much interest in this side of the simulation. The test server is running until Friday and can be reached on, setting is "Ace". Thanks to the SimHQ team for this facility.

News Update: June 5th, 2006

We're pleased to announce the release of Patch 1.0.7 for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Development has primarily focused on MP with considerable improvements to the "Host Only" server function and positional updates. Please update using either the bfopsupdate.exe utility in the Battlefield Operations folder, or download the patch from the downloads section of this website.

Again, 1.0.7 is a cumulative patch containing all the improvements of previous updates. It can be installed on top of a CD version of Allied Force, or any previously patched version of the simulation.

An extra point about the bfopsupdater: If your current installation is not 1.0.6, you'll need to update once, then reboot, then update again using the bfopsupdater. That will take you to 1.0.7.

Remember, if you have HiTiles installed, please restore the original terrain using the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe, patch to 1.0.7, then restore HiTiles after patching.

Changelog is contained below:

Version 1.07
  • Fix for not being able to cycle through radarmodes with a target locked.
  • Fix a bug where the radar would not be radiating in certain instances when going from MRM ACM modes back to default modes.
  • Fix a bug where the radar can get confused about the modes and display a blank MFD.
  • F1 key now works properly again -> when in ACM modes, it takes us out to CRM modes. If ACM modes are to be cycled, F11 can be used.
  • Fix for removed range information from MRM HUD with a locked target.
  • Fix for dedicated server crashing after about 20 minutes of play.
  • Fix for empty debrief text files after MP missions.
  • Fix for Rules of Engagement "Comply" button not enforcing "Unlimited Ammo" setting.
  • "Unlimited Ammo" is not selectable anymore in Setup when not allowed by the host.
  • Improved multiplayer positioning and smoothing.
  • Fix for clients sometimes unable to join a dogfight game.
  • Added cursor to Logitech G15 DED display.
  • Enabled simplified avionics DED to be displayed on G15 display.
  • A few more fixes added.

Old News before May 22nd, 2006

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