Patches - NEW!
Patches are cumulative - you only need the latest one (1.0.13 as of now).
To get from 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 use the small Patch 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 since it's a much smaller download and applies faster. For all other versions use the large 1.0.13 patch.
Choose to download either EXE or ZIP format below - they are the same.
After upgrade make sure you read "Readme.txt" in F4AF installation folder for latest information. There is additional content under your local "/docs" directory you should read as well (Addendum manual for 1.08).

Please be sure to reboot after the installation of the patch.

Patch 1.0.13 EXE format
[59,226 kB]

Patch 1.0.13 ZIP format
[57,266 kB]

Patch 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 EXE format
[1,145 kB]

Patch 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 ZIP format
[758 kB]

D2D Patch 1.0.12 to 1.0.13 ZIP format
[2,990 kB]


 Third Party Add-on Agreement  (2005-08-21)


Falcon Manual translated to German (Deutsches Handbuch)
(Updated 2008-01-25)

Falcon Manual translated to Spanish (Manual Español)

Falcon Manual translated to Italian (Manuale Italiano)

Older Patches

Patch 1.0.6 EXE format
[38,056 kB]

Patch 1.0.6 ZIP format
[37,962 kB]


Logbook Reader, v1.0 (ZIP) [62 kB]

(End-user Contributions)

Falcon Lobby installer, v1.0 (ZIP) [0.3 MB]
Courtesy of Dave "coder1024" Calkins


Operator's checklist for F-16C/D/MLU, v2.00 (ZIP) [2.36 MB]
Courtesy of James Kelley / 72nd VFW


Exe version of Pop Up Planner by Alex "Mandy" Moore [1 MB]

Weapon Delivery Planner v1.0 courtesy of Cars "Falcas" Burgers [3.2 MB]

Cockpit trainer v1.2 in Windows installer EXE format [10.4 MB]
Courtesy of Dave "coder1024" Calkins !


Pop-up Planner v1.5 in Excel format (zipped) [238 kB]
Courtesy of Finn "Wothan" Jacobsen !


Pop-up Planner tutorial in MS Word format (zipped) [4.28 MB]
Courtesy of Finn "Wothan" Jacobsen !


Ramp Start Trainer in English, French and Turkish languages [4.8 MB] - NEW!
Courtesy of Kagan Ozgul

Joystick configurations
(End-user Contributions)

Saitek X52 Profile by Robin "Yskonyn" Kraak (version 2)

Saitek X45 Profile by Frode "BigMac" Jansen

Voice recognition profiles
(End-user Contributions)

Shoot voice profile by Bryan Moffett

Flight Guides

Ramp Start guide by "Brent" (2006-01-09)

Mission Campaign Planning Guide Part 1 by "Hawk" (2005-12-26)

Mission Campaign Planning Guide Part 2 by "Hawk" (2005-12-26)

Keyboard Layouts
(All keyboard layouts are installed in Docs directory under your installation path)

US Keyboard Layout PDF version (2005-08-16)

UK Keyboard Layout PDF version  (2005-08-23)

German Layout PDF version  (2005-08-23)

French Layout PDF version   (2005-09-26)

Italian Layout PDF version  (2005-08-23)

Swiss-German Layout PDF version   (2005-08-23)

Danish Layout PDF version  (2005-08-23)

Croatian Layout PDF version    (2005-08-23)

US Dell Layout PDF version  (2005-08-23)

US Microsoft Office Layout PDF version  (2005-08-23)

Spanish Layout PDF version  (2005-08-24)

Norwegian Layout PDF version  (2005-12-15)

Swedish Layout PDF version  (2005-12-15)

Portuguese Layout PDF version  (2005-12-15)

Desktop wallpaper
1024 x 768 1024 x 768
1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200

Development notes in PDF and movies

OCA Strikes: A New Approach

Ramping up the AI part I

A Boost For Multiplayer

Ramping up the AI part II

Testing Times

Understanding the Campaign

Airbase Operations

Movie: F-16 in Action

Launch Movie

Movie: FLY! 2006 report

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